School Uniforms

Tulakes Uniforms

Girls are to wear Khaki pants, shorts, skirts or jumper with a Brown belt.  Length of skirts and jumpers are not to be shorter than three inches above the knee. Tops are Navy – polo style (w/collar) in solid colors (no prints).

Boys are to wear Khaki pants or shorts with a Brown belt.  Pants must fit properly – no sagging.  Tops are Navy polo style (w/collar) in solid colors (no prints).

The uniform should be less expensive than conventional clothing.  These items can be purchased at local Wal-mart, Target, and Academy stores.  

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support in our effort to create a safe and positive environment in our school, and, please call if you have any questions.


Tulakes Elementary is a uniform school!

Behavior problems are down and school uniforms are on at Tulakes Elementary School.
“The response from parents was overwhelmingly in favor of students wearing uniforms,” says Lee Roland, principal at Tulakes. “Our students are looking and conducting themselves like young professionals. We are experiencing no negatives so far.”

“Sag and drag used to be the way to look cool at school, but now students are finding they can dress appropriately and still look and be cool,” Roland says.

Prices are affordable for most with shirts costing only five dollars. The uniforms also create new learning opportunities for some students.

What Students Say About Uniforms at Tulakes

“They’re good because we look neat at school.”

– Jefferson, grade 3

“I think uniforms this year look splendid on us! It feels different because you don’t get to choose your regular clothes, but I think we all look superb!”

– Davion, grade 4

“I like them but I don’t like to tuck my shirt in.”

– Alex, grade 3

“They’re nice because you have to tuck your shirt in.”

– Lexi, grade 3

“The reason why I like school uniforms is because it makes me look smart. Nobody can talk about anybody and everybody looks good in uniforms.”

– Jalil, grade 5

“I like them because no one thinks they’re better than anyone else.”

– Kristina, grade 3

“I was upset when I first heard about uniforms this summer because I wanted to wear what I had. And I feel fine now because nobody can talk about me.”

– Ashley, grade 4

“I like uniforms at Tulakes this year because my mom doesn’t have to worry about buying lots of different clothes for me.”

– Jennie, grade 4

“People do the right thing when they wear uniforms.”

– Arien, grade 3

“They’re good because you don’t get your regular clothes dirty.”

– Cecilio, grade 3

“They’re great. I like them! I like the color and the way they look.”

– Travion, grade 3

“I didn’t think uniforms would start out good, but the girls look pretty and the boys look handsome.”

–Camry, grade 4